Clinical Management System

In the present Indian climate of demonstration and digitization, it has become important for doctors to keep their practices up-to-date.
NextGen is pleased to present SANA CMS - a tool that allows physicians (particularly pediatricians) to digitize their practices, and take cashless payments, without changing the way that they interact with patients or administer their practices.
The SANA CMS is a multi-faceted app, which can be used by doctors, doctors’ assistants and patients alike.
Patients can schedule appointments, pay their physician via cashless methods, store their medical records, receive alerts, and track their health.
A doctor’s assistant can use the app to plan the doctor’s schedule, store all patient data, and automate reminders about immunizations, patients’ birthdays, and most importantly, to take payments via debit or credit card.
A doctor can use the app to view his patients charts from inception, to drill down into a single date and better track their progression and growth, and all this without typing a single letter

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  • Very User friendly
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Visit wise patient management  
  • Reminder
  • Notification
  • Etc
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Record
  • Patient Prescription
  • Patient recipt
  • Online Payment
  • Child Growth Chart
  • Reminder
  • Notification Etc